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The Hero by MrFuzzy332
The Hero
One of the main heroines in the story I'm working on right now

Title: The Hero
Name: Signy/ Sigmund
Age: 23
Hair Color: Chestnut
Eye Color: Blue
Reason for Quest: Wishes to rescue her lover
Special Equipment: The Black Blade of Abbadon

Lost her mother when she was very young to the plague, she was raised by her father, who unfortunately knew nothing about raising a daughter, so he did what he could, raise Signy as a son. When most girls her age would be learning how to cook, she would be sparring with her father, when most her age would be learning how to knit, she would...well be learning to knit (that s*ht is tres important), you get the idea. At the age of 18 she left the house to become a mercenary posing as a man and donning the name Sigmund (her fathers name) to be able to find jobs at an essentially misogynistic era, everything was pretty normal in her life until one special job, she was hired to kill or at least ward off a spectral black knight that has been terrorizing the city with it's blue flames. She found the knight and fought to the point of nearly dying, but the knight would not be damaged, any dent she made on the armor of the knight would instantly repair itself. In a desperate final attempt she deflected one of the knights blows, which she had been evading as the flame from the sword would burn badly, and managed to disarm the spectre. Without hesitation she grabbed the flaming sword and struck the knight, releasing an enormous firestorm that vapourized the spectre, exept for the swords hilt, which wasn't even hot. Signy claimed the black sword and named it the ''Black Blade of Abbadon'' named after the legendary black dragon that was said to breathe blue flames. Her upbringing also had some unintended effects, as she was raised as a male, she thought and acted as a male, meaning she would be homosexual( or bisexual idk), in one of her contracts she met with a beautiful High Elf named Kyrie, they would fall madly in love but their happiness would be short lived as one morning Kyrie would suddenly disappear. As Signy frantically searches for her lover she was approached by a little girl bearing large horns, uncharacteristic of any race on the continent, all clad in black. She would ask her a single question '' Do you want to find her?''

Hope you like Signy and please do tell me what you think about her :D 
So I've wanted a gaming PC since who knows when and I finally decided to get one and I actually want to build one. The thing is, I'm afraid that I might screw up and ruin the PC. What I'm getting at is, how hard is the assembly? Could I do it alone or should I get someone to help me? I'm quite good at assembling stuff but also am equally clumsy :iconsweatdropplz:
DROPKICK!!! by MrFuzzy332

Would really like some thoughts about this one as I've tried a pose like this for the very first time.

to :iconimprovement-club: I woud love some commentary and if possible a redline on the perspective of the pose, not sure if i pulled the pose off okay or not so...thanx in advance ^^ :iconyaaayplz:


MrFuzzy332's Profile Picture
Yigit Can Yilmaz
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I am an artist desperately trying to improve and drawing and publishing my own manga is my grand dream :D

Current Residence: Wut'zit to you ?
Favourite genre of music: Metal, Pop,Country
Favourite style of art: MANGA
Operating System: Win 7
MP3 player of choice: iPhone 5
Favourite cartoon character: Aang, Kamina,Yuno and Matoi Yuko
Personal Quote: Meh, matters not
The first 15 people to comment "I love to draw" in this journal will get their avatar and the 3 deviations I like most from their gallery on the list!

If you comment, you have to do the same in your journal, putting me in the first spot. The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone! If you don't re-do it you will be taken off the list:

Phil by ScarletDiscord      Moriarty by ScarletDiscord   Love by ScarletDiscord

Slender by xXSoPiOsDrEaMXx   escaping the slenderman v2 by xXSoPiOsDrEaMXx   20130927 131117 by xXSoPiOsDrEaMXx


Out. by ilmaris   [AT] Panda ears by ilmaris    Hentai Teacher Mikisugi by ilmaris


Character design: Danika Tomas by Zaykova-does-art    Art trade with Disuki-Cookie by Zaykova-does-art   Day 1: Harpy by Zaykova-does-art


dummy Jim by GabyDitto  that's a paddlin' by GabyDitto   chibi mister by GabyDitto
Desert Oasis by MarcoAlfaroArts The Binding of Isaac by MarcoAlfaroArts

Maw of the Deserted Abyss by MarcoAlfaroArts


Oooooooooookaaaaaaaaay Startin commissions,ill be doin commissions to raise up some points for no particular reason :P (Lick)( cmon you know why, it starts with a P ;) (Wink)) ill be also be doing something i think is quite original, i call it Monsterise Yourself; It works like this, you send me a photo of yourself and i monterise it , that simple o0o , and you dont get to choose what kind of moster i make you, the fun in it is to wait and see what kind of monster i make you Wink/Razz. They are included in the monsters category. 

Head shot: 50 Points
Half body: 75 Points
Full body: 100 Points
Monsters: 100 Points

Headshot: 50 Points
Half body: 75 Points
Full body: 100 Points
Monsters: 100 Points

Just send me a note if you want a commision and wait until i submit to donate plz i dont wanna feel much pressure on me. Of course you can just donate out of genorasity too -W-
(If you think my prices are too high 10 points are about a cent so...:iconhmmmplz:)

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Loving your artwork. Great anatomy, and very creative and unique concepts. 
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